Tea Etiquette

Tea Etiquette

  • Do not wear perfume (can ruin other’s ability to smell the tea)
  • Do turn off your phone, not silent or flight mode, off (by making a strong commitment to presence stillness comes much more easily)
  • Be on time and don’t cancel last minute (I prepare a tea stage based on the amount of people, it takes a long time and it’s difficult to re-arrange on the fly)
  • Do wear nice, even special clothes (by putting effort into the occasion it helps delving deep into it)
  • Do not lean or put objects on the tea table (reducing movement and clutter helps everyone being more present)

Want to bring something?
You don’t have to!

But if you want here’s a list of things we always need:

  • water bottles: Highland spring in glass or Fiji or even better spring water you collected yourself! (makes much better tea then tap)
  • you can also get me tea and teaware if you’re already ordering some for yourself, but if you don’t know tea well, better ask me first, I can give you a few pointers (please don’t bring me plantation/non-organic/flavoured tea/infusions, I likely can’t drink it!)
  • buddhist devotional objects
  • flowers!
  • fine natural incense (aloeswood ideally, as it doesn’t linger in the air)
  • massage and other therapies!

But most importantly, bring yourself in full presence, free of worries and concerns from outside, with attention to focus on the experience for the time you’re in the tea space, this is the best gift you can bring us.