Our Teas

This is Tea for Ceremonial use (or at the very least quite, mindful drinking). Ideally you have a Tea practice, in whatever way, even if it’s just a simple style like A week of Tea.

You cannot buy this Tea. You can be gifted it and make a donation for it (or not, your choice), but please consider: The very idea of “buying” Tea is quite silly, it’s a plant, you can’t own it!
Think of it as financing her transport fees and providing the possibility for many other people to drink these same teas during our Tea Ceremonies.

Buddha’s Laughter

A 2006 vintage Sheng Puerh (Yunnan) cake

Eternal Spring

A White/black tea cake from Yunnan

Peaceful Slumber

A GABA Oolong from Taiwan


A Loose leaf red tea from Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan


Kalyanaloka Bowls