Why Tea Ceremony?

Our main project is Kalyana Loka, a Buddhist community in Brighton where we hold The Retreat.

Tea from wild trees up in the unspoilt jungle is nothing like any commercial (even if organic tea), it’s the shamanic medicine the Taoists of China used, it’s the object around which the sublime aesthetic of the Tea Ceremony evolves

I have no other way to describe it – Tea Ceremony is properly magic.

Really, I can’t talk about it at all, but hopefully by now you’re curious enough to experience it yourself?

“I really was surprised how much I enjoyed the ceremonies. Sometimes I would have an extraordinarily clear stream of thoughts, and other times I would have a thoughtless voyage into… well how do I talk about that? And ceremony may give the wrong impression. While there is a form to it, it is a simple and form.” (Eric, US)

“Now, I can’t drink tea without ceremony and I do it around one per a week. Thank you Paolo for this gift.” (Vincent, Switzerland)

“During every tea ceremony I realized something important” (Radovan, Slovakia)

“It was a very meaningful experience for the both of us. The silence and the tea were powerful and together they concentrated our view inwards and focused our minds.” (Alex and Ela, Israel)

“I used to hate the taste of Tea! I went to a Tea Ceremony quite randomly. At the end of it, I was so still in meditation I couldn’t move, peace descended on me, and it hasn’t left me since” (Paolo, Triratna Buddhist Community)


“Tea is like entering a different world, in which our experience of time shifts, and the timeless qualities of friendship are given space to blossom. Stop, and enter this realm!” (Suvajra, Triratna Buddhist Order)

Words can only hint at what happens during a Tea Ceremony, but in order to really know it there’s only one way…